About Us

AVAOS is a Quebec company connected to innovation and new technologies. Our goal is to provide Canadians with accessible and globally renowned products and services.
We are constantly working on new projects, many of which will be exclusive to Canada.

Behind this brand new company, there are people ... More precisely we:

Nicole and Stéphane. United in life as in work, we joined our knowledge and strength to bring ideas that fueled our long-running late-night discussions for over a year. Possessing each of rich baggage of experiences in different areas, it was a click to realize that we already had everything to end this business. Nicole's passion, energy, intelligence combined with Stéphane's creativity, sensitivity and vision result from a totally explosive and effective mix. Today, we brew good ideas, we boil them and we concretize them well before they can cool down! It is with great joy that we can now share this beautiful and great madness with as many people as possible!



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